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San Jose Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing was established in 1982 as a furniture and sash maker. In 1987 it begun to develop it’s kitchen cabinet line until 1994 when it fully shifted to kitchen cabinet business. From 1994 to 2010, it only manufactures kitchen cabinets. Since 2010, it began to develop other products other than kitchen cabinets. Its factory and head office is located at People’s Technology Complex in Carmona, Cavite Philippines. It operates its own distribution outlets mostly located in the malls.


Company Values

A. Core Values
1. Humility
2. Full obedience to God
3. Leadership by example
4. Go The Extra Mile
5. Strong will leadership
6. Health Consciousness
7. Frugality

B. Customer Care Values
• Genuine, Honest, and beneficial to customers

C. Environmental Values
• Safe, clean, orderly, well maintained, aesthetically pleasant and environmentally friendly

D. Family Values
• We teach the importance of love for family

As a Christian company


1.Bible study
Every Monday morning, employees are group into eight or ten person per group. Each group has a prayer
leader. The Sunday reading in the church is use as the study guide. (We don’t discuss differences in religious
2. Confession
Once or twice a year.
3. Employees are encourage to be active in their local church communities
4. Profit Sharing.
5. It’s a policy of the company that the highest salary is no more than ten times the lowest salary.
6. Transparency: Financial statement are open to all employees
7. Since 1982, the company has never bribed anyone in the government or private sector.
8. We pay the full tax due our government.
9. Spiritual Birthday Movement: We encourage those who encountered Spiritual Rebirth or awakening to celebrate in the particular month.
10. Company policies are guided by Christian principles

Employee Profit Sharing

Unity is always necessa­ry, whether in the family, community, company or world affairs. Without unity all sorts of problems occur. Among the various ways to foster unity in the company, one of the best is profit sharing. The other reason why profit sharing is important is that it can play a major role in eradicating poverty. Contrary to the common notion that profit sharing will reduce profits, in the long term we believe the profits of the company will even be more.

Our company, San Jose Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing, started studying the concept of profit sharing in 1982. For about five years, we practiced what I call the abot-abot system which is actually just giving a portion of our profits to our employees without a formal system. In 1987, we found the principles on which to base percentage to be shared with our employees. For about 25 years now, these principles hold and the percentage has not changed.

Tax payment policy

Tax payment policy

A. It is the policy of the company to pay full taxation. To declare every sale and pay it’s corresponding government tax.
B. The company received four awards from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Region #9, San Pablo City and Revenue district #54, Trece Martires City, Cavite

1. Taxable year 2003 – One of top tax payer
2. Taxable year 2004 – One of top tax payer
3. Taxable year 2004 – One of top tax payer
4. Taxable year 2006 – One of top tax payer

Health program

A.) Four Points Health Program for long term good health

1. Exercise: Everyday or at least four times a week and for one hour or at least 45 minutes each time, we encourage our people to exercise. On Mondays between 6 am to 8 am we have inter-department contest. We have simple facilities for for brisk walking, basketball, table tennis, badminton, gym and barass.
2. Diet control: Our canteen avoid process food with preservatives and softdrinks. We follow the Hardvard Healthy Plate high fiber formula with brown rice and 50% vegetables and fruits. Most of the time we serve ocean fish with scale and once a week grass fed local beef. We avoid pork and poultry chicken. Occasionally we serve native chicken and goat meat.
3. Weight control Stay within the ideal range. Click here to see chart
4. Stress control
a) The body and the heart must be given enough rest for the day and the week. All employees are entitled to a day of rest each week. All overtime work must be reasonable.
b) Spiritual program such as weekly Bible study contributes much to stress control, especially emotional stress.
c) The following Christian community environment contribute much to stress control:.

• Respectful attitude toward each other

• Walang namumulitika ( No politics inside)

• Garden like environment inside the compound.

• Walang nagmumura (No cursing)

• Emphasize the importance of love for family

B.) Quarterly report on the employee’s health condition on the following areas:

1) Ideal weights v.s. actual weights
2) Blood pressure reading v.s. ideal blood pressure.
3) Sick leave records

C.) Two Sports fest per year.

D.) We join Marathon Contest for cause.

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